15 November 2005

One, two, three – shoot.

When margins are small one does not want the RS-virus or the flu. We’re well aware of it – been there, done that. So all heart-children are vaccinated against the RS and the flu.

The RS vaccine doesn’t fit into one syringe. It’s too big a volume, basically, to give in the one muscle at the one time. Giving two shots in a row wouldn’t be too clever either, the second one will not be welcomed by the little reciever. So they’ve a special trick to get it done.

Two nurses came in and prepared the vaccine in the two sepapate syringes. Wonder why, thought I. Then, all over sudden, “ Allright … one, two, three” and before we knew it they’d put one needle into each leg and the whole thing was over. Just like that.

It caught me by surprise. But it’s clever. One pain. One cry. Done.

It’s to be repeated thrice this winter, though.