24 November 2006


Right. Junkfood is bad for you. It’s a well known fact and has been the topic of many a debate. Films like “Supersize me” serve to clear away any lingering doubts. Too much fat, too much sugar and not at all GI.

Every good parent knows to keep their young ones as far away from the whole thing as possible. There. But most parents also know that children love the stuff. Dilemma.

After struggling for a year and a half with Abbe’s eating we happened, one day, to visit Mac Donald’s. Abbe had a Happy Meal. Abbe loved it. He took his time, each french fry got it’s fair bit of attention and he ate it all. Every bit of food, every sip of coke. On his own. Happily. We didn’t stop at the one visit, or the one fast food chain, for that matter. But there’s always that sting of bad conscience, it’s not the healthiest of options. Fat and sugar.

“Cut out the conscience crap”, said my sister (the pediatrician, remember?). “Fat and sugar, there’s plenty of energy in that?! And  isn’t that just what Abbe needs the most? Energy? Just relax and enjoy the fact that he’s eating.”

So be it.

14 November 2006

Anaesthetic mask.

Trying to put a needle (for the peripheral venous catheter) in Abbe was, as always, adventurous. And this time it just wouldn’t work. No needle. We have a few favourite nurses in ward 323, they know exactly how to get the needle in place, almost always on the first try. But the rest of them haven’t really got a clue. And when clueless they pull out the mask. I sometimes wonder why the bother at all, with the needle bit, I mean. The mask is there, isn’t it? But I think they’ve somehow got more control over the intravenous procedure.

When Abbe opened his eyes he was as pitiable. His throat all sore after the intubation (respirator) and gastroscopy (camera in tube down throat) and his eyes filled with silent accusation. How can you let them do this to me? Mum? Dad?

Good question, that.

9 November 2006


The doctors on the nutritional team suspect Abbe’s not only allergic to milk but to gluten aswell. They think he’s having a hard time getting all the nutrition out of what he actually eats. That he’s not growing fast enough. I don’t know. I mean, honestly, he doesn’t eat that much, mightn’t that be the problem?

I desperately hope they’re wrong. They took two blood samples, one indicated a gluten intolerance. And here’s me finding the milk allergy hard enough to deal with.

Abbe has a cousin who’s gluten intolerant, when they meet we’re all kept on our toes. Cousin musn’t under any circumstances get to the crumbs from Abbe’s biscuit and vice versa. Granny dives under the table with a broom whenever something edible is dropped on the floor.

Anyway, the doctors are looking into it. Gastroscopy appointment set for tuesday.