19 April 2006

Solveig’s posse.

Ever since Solveig took us under her wing, the amount of official looking envelopes in our letterbox has increased. All letters from any branch of the health care system will obviously raise the pulse somewhat, but these days most of them contain times for return visits, tests or examinations. Abbe is frequently examined by different members of the regional 22q11 specialist team.

And once more I realise how lucky we are to be living close to Gothenburg. I can’t remember how many different doctors and specialists Solveig sent letters of referral to, but it was quite a few. And as far as I understand, if you’re from some other part of the country they put all the times in a row, within a week or so. Which is nice, I mean that means less travelling, but the stress of it? Doing it all in the one go? Especially for the child in question.

10 April 2006


When Abbe’s brother was born we signed him up for the local Montessori pre-school. It had been recommended to us by friends and we decided to try it out. Unfortunately he didn’t get a place there, gender qoutation and rules concearning siblings put a stop to that. Another option arose, a parents cooperative, and he’s been happy there ever since.

But when planning Abbe’s future and schooling, Montessori seems like a brilliant idea. If big brother had a place in that pre-school, Abbe would automatically get in, the sibling rules, right? So I got in touch and they could offer big brother a place in the autumn. Perfect! We said yes please and thank you and also put Abbe on their waiting list.

Big brother making sacrifices again. Leaving his friends in pre-school to give Abbe a better start. It’s not easy, this balancing act.