6 June 2005

More check-ups.

We won’t see an 80-85% oxygen saturation in Abbe’s blood. We’re in for check-ups every other week hoping for the saturation level to have gone up. But it doesn’t. Instead it’s gone down further. And for each visit, the experts look more and more confused. We’re now talking a saturation level of about 65%. The cardiologists aren’t happy about that.

They think Abbe might have grown out of his shunt already. It’s not likely; they put in a larger one to be on the safe side. And that was just three months ago. He was meant to keep it for at least a year as far as I understood.

Anyway, they want to do a CT-scan to try and find out why the levels are so low. The kidney-crowd also want to do one to see what’s to be found where the missing kidney should have been. And he has to be anaesthetized on both occasions.

I might be wrong here, but wouldn’t it be easier to check both things on the one occasion? Then Abbe wouldn’t have to be anaesthetized twice? But then again, it’s two separate wards wanting these scans, so it might be a bit far fetched. Believe it or not, they’ve decided to do both in the one go. Good stuff!

Sometimes you have to be silly enough to ask.

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