5 August 2005

Nuchal scan.

I found an interesting paper today, that I had completely forgotten
about. Before Abbe was born, my wife went to Linköping to do a so called
Nuchal scan. It’s an extended ultra sound scan where they take a closer
look at the thickness of soft tissues of the nape of neck of the fetus. They also
take a closer look at the heart. All to find out if there might be any
chromosome aberrations, Down’s syndrome, or the likes of it.

Our journal reads; “The risk of carrying a foetus with Down’s syndrome
was before the scan 1/190 (age risk) and after the scan 1/1573 (age +
NUPP 1.5mm)”

1 out of 1573. That’s a pretty small risk. But of course it doesn’t
mention the 22q11 syndrome.

On the other hand. Had the risk of having a child with Down’s syndrome
been 100%, he or she would have been just as welcome. And had I known
then that Abbe was to have the problems that he has, I still wouldn’t
have given it a second thought. No way.

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