22 October 2005

The dietist.

We’ve been seeing a dietist. It’s a constant struggle, trying to get Abbe to eat, and they’re helping us us find out the reasons for him not wanting to.

Feeding times are still 07, 10, 13, 16, 19, 23 and 03 and we still give him the milk-free substitute. We still take carefull notes on how many milliliters he actually eats, we dare not do anything else. We’ve also tried giving him puree. It's not going too well.

Why is this such a problem? Is it a technical thing? Does he have anatomical impediments? Mouth-motorics, cleft palate, all that stuff? It’s a huge stress factor, this constant struggle against the weight and length diagrams.

We told the dietist about our DIY-cardex, our lists of Abbe’s milliliters. She smiled and asked:
–How much does he eat in a day?
–Eh…700ml, we answered.
–And does it vary a lot, from day to day?
–Why don’t you stop taking notes, then, and relax a little? You know pretty well, don’t you? That he’s getting enough?

Sometimes you feel like a complete idiot.

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