13 March 2006

Club activities.

Abbe is a member of two clubs, or societies. Or, rather, our family is. We became members of the Heart childrens association as soon as Abbe had undergone his first surgery. His obviously had a heart condition and it felt natural to join.

The other one was different. The chromosome aberration they told us that Abbe had, felt unreal and very distant. I mean, there are no signs of it yet, he’s to young for it to be noticed. Having said that, he has got very long fingers. We noticed that as soon as he was born and later found out that it’s connected to the 22q11 syndrome. But other than that, there are no signs.

We’ve been hesitant on what we’d actually get out of a membership in the 22q11 society. Besides, we try to maintain some sort of normality in our lives and not just hang out with other parents of sick children. Enough is enough. Does that strike you as odd?

We finally decided on joining, anyway, and their annual meeting is on saturday.
I’m going.

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