10 April 2006


When Abbe’s brother was born we signed him up for the local Montessori pre-school. It had been recommended to us by friends and we decided to try it out. Unfortunately he didn’t get a place there, gender qoutation and rules concearning siblings put a stop to that. Another option arose, a parents cooperative, and he’s been happy there ever since.

But when planning Abbe’s future and schooling, Montessori seems like a brilliant idea. If big brother had a place in that pre-school, Abbe would automatically get in, the sibling rules, right? So I got in touch and they could offer big brother a place in the autumn. Perfect! We said yes please and thank you and also put Abbe on their waiting list.

Big brother making sacrifices again. Leaving his friends in pre-school to give Abbe a better start. It’s not easy, this balancing act.

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