24 May 2006

Hearing test – revised version.

I was a bit upset yesterday. I know.

It took a nights sleep to realise that they were actually pretty cool at the ear doctor’s. When the meter test wasn’t working, they tried another method. Probably not as scientifically reliable, but still.

Abbe was put in a room with two boxes. One at his right and one at his left. Not many one year olds will accept wearing headphones or manage pressing buttons so they use these boxes instead. With an intricate litte reward system to go with them.

Beeps came from the two boxes at different times and Abbe was being carefully monitored. If he looked towards the beeping box a lamp with a funny figure would light on it, as a reward for him having done the right thing. Children love stuff like that, and they’ll want to get the box right every time.

Abbe got a fright, though. When the lamp lit up and the funny figure started jumping around, he started crying. The test was then done without the reward bit and Abbe’s hearing seemed good. We were asked to return in six months time to try the “thing-in-ear-test” again, maybe it’ll work out then.

You wish.

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