9 November 2006


The doctors on the nutritional team suspect Abbe’s not only allergic to milk but to gluten aswell. They think he’s having a hard time getting all the nutrition out of what he actually eats. That he’s not growing fast enough. I don’t know. I mean, honestly, he doesn’t eat that much, mightn’t that be the problem?

I desperately hope they’re wrong. They took two blood samples, one indicated a gluten intolerance. And here’s me finding the milk allergy hard enough to deal with.

Abbe has a cousin who’s gluten intolerant, when they meet we’re all kept on our toes. Cousin musn’t under any circumstances get to the crumbs from Abbe’s biscuit and vice versa. Granny dives under the table with a broom whenever something edible is dropped on the floor.

Anyway, the doctors are looking into it. Gastroscopy appointment set for tuesday.

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