30 August 2007

There will be many doctors.

My wife was looking at the number of doctors we (and Abbe) have to deal with. And this is just counting the regular, recurring visits. On top of these, you have to add the doctors we have met after numerous nights at the Pediatric A&E. But it would be too complicated to include these as well.

So this will be a bit ‘tabloid-y’. "Abbe’s doctors – we have the whole list" Ok. You with me?

Cardiologist – Queen Silvia Children´s Hospital
Eye specialist – Queen Silvia Children´s Hospital
Ear Specialist – Sahlgrenska Hospital
Speech Therapist (speech) – Salhgrenska Hospital
Speech Therapist 2 (speech) – Rehabilitation in Alingsås
Doctors – Rehabilitation in Alingsås
Kidney doctor – Queen Silvia Children´s Hospital
Physiotherapist – Rehabilitation in Alingsås
22q11-specialist – Queen Silvia Children´s Hospital
Pediatric surgery – Our local council
Special Dentist – Dental Care - Salhgrenska Hospital
Dietist – Queen Silvia’s Children’s Hospital
Nutrition team (Speech Therapist/nutritionist/doctor) – Queen Silvia …
Psychologist/Doctor – BNK (Pediatric Neuropsychiatry)
Orthopaedic (guess we’re done now) – Queen Silvia …

Total: fifteen.

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