10 May 2005


I’m happy to be back in ward 323. Waiting in the emergency ward, watching Abbe get worse by the minute was no fun. When they wanted to check us in I felt the lump in my throat again, growing. This must be serious. Or they’d have sent us home, right?

But when the visiting room door opened, I saw two red coats from the heart ward and two familiar faces to go with them. “What are you doing back so soon? Thought I’d told you to stay away?” said one of them, smiling. And I felt at home, calm and secure in an instant.

Abbe and I are isolated now, in a room with an airlock leading out into the corridor, because of the contamination risk. Everything leaving the room must be carefully disinfected and if I have to get food or coffee, a nurse has to come and take over since Abbe’s not allowed out of the room. He’s not feeling so well, but with oxygen, antibiotics, expectorant inhalations, nose spray and bouncing I think he’ll struggle his way out of this one too.

Bouncing? Well, it looks rather funny. The nurses put Abbe on top of a gigantic ball. At least a meter in diameter, and then they bounce him up and down on it. On his back and on his side. It helps dissolve the phlegm in his lungs and airways and makes him breathe deeply rather than the shallow gasps for air he can manage on his own. Strange things are happening. One can’t help but wonder how anyone ever came up with that idea.

Yes, yes, I said red coats, I know. Most of them are.

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