8 May 2005

RS and pneumonia.

The day after we found out that Abbe’s immune system was all right he caught a cold. I love the irony of that, don’t you?

He developed a cough, his nose got stuffy and he had a hard time breathing. His temperature rose quickly. We were on and off the phone with the pediatric heart ward and when his temperature got as high as 40° C, they told us to go to the children’s emergency ward. The nurse said “We’ll call and let them know that there’s a heart-child coming in, so you won’t have to sit in the waiting room with all the others”.

One of our friends who happened to be visiting was left with Abbe’s brother, waiting for Granny and Grandad to arrive. There she was, stuck with a two-year-old watching teletubbies while we rushed to the hospital. We arrived, were sent on to the heart ward, and here I am, again, writing.

RS is a common cold virus that turns up every winter/spring. For an adult it brings on a heavy cold with a lot of phlegm and a temperature. For babies it’s serious, sometimes even lethal. For heart-children the risks are obvious. And if your blood already has low oxygen saturation, breathing difficulties aren’t going to help. In other words, Abbe’s a lot worse off than the rest of us would be with the RS-virus. He also developed double-sided pneumonia, along with the virus. We’ve seen better days.

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