28 May 2005

One kidney.

One of the not so common symptoms of DiGeorge is some urinary tract problem or other. Since Abbe was in Solveig’s care, we were sent for a scan a couple of days ago, to try and rule out any such problems.

It was a routine scan, just like the ones they’ve done on his heart so many times by now, only slightly lower on his body, of course. The doctor was sliding the ultrasound tool around on Abbes belly for a long, long time, and then said, “Look at the screen and I’ll tell you what we’re looking at.” We looked. And I felt it coming. “This is one of Abbe’s kidneys, and this is where the other one should have been. There’s something there that I can’t say much about with just a scan, we’ll have to look into that, but he only has one kidney, anyway”.

Of course, I thought. why wouldn’t he be lacking a kidney?

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