5 May 2005

Immune system ok.

Now that the first heart surgery is over and it'll be a year or so till the next one, things are sneaking up on me. What will the consequences of the 22q11 deletion syndrome be?

Does he have a cleft palate? How can you tell? Does it show? I mean, I can see for myself that he’s not harelipped, but are there other types of cleft palates, ones that don’t show? And what if he has a lowered immune system? What then? Will we have to isolate ourselves in the future, for fear of risking Abbe’s health? What kind of life would that be? For us? For him?

And yesterday we met Solveig again. We talked about the syndrome in general and Abbe in particular. At the time of the surgery, they ran loads of tests to analyze his immune system and Solveig told us the results. “It looks really well. Better than you’d expect in a DiGeorge-child, and normal ones compared to a healthy child.” she said. Such joy and relief.

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