18 May 2005


After nine more days in hospital we’re back at home. The pneumonia is gone, so is the RS-virus, and Abbe is, all things considered, well.

My wife finds the nights in hospital hard to cope with. She doesn’t get much sleep, she worries and then there are the check-ups every three hours throughout the night. So we arranged it for her to sleep at home with our two-year-old, but spent the days in hospital while he's in child-care. Which means I spend the nights in hospital. I leave there for work in the morning, and come back at night.

When we were going home, the doctor sorted out a few prescriptions, and also some insurance forms for me. I told him that those forms wouldn’t be needed, since I’d been working all along. He gave me a surprised look and said; “And who are you? Superman?”

In hindsight I’ll admit it wasn’t the cleverest of things to do.

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