22 September 2007

Health Care Advice Line.

"You are placed in a queue, and you are currently number 3."

Abbe’s temperature is a bit over 40°C and his breathing is very rough and heavy. He is asleep now, in an almost upright position, with all the bedroom windows open. Cold air and upright, as it should be. What’s worrying is the poor oxygen saturation he has from the outset, even without the croup cough. The margins. They’re so tiny. This is why, since 30 minutes back, I’m in a telephone queue to the Health Care Advice Line.

But what will they say? My experience is that as soon as you mention the word ‘heart child’ nobody dares to make their own decisions, without involving a cardiologist. Oh … now it’s my turn, hang on …

Ok. As I thought. Go to the Pediatric Hospital, or call them. I’ll try to call them first.

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