17 September 2007

Short notice.

Abbe is two and a half years old now. Well, he was yesterday, to be exact.

This morning I had a call on my mobile. I was super stressed because we only had a few hours left before an important presentation for a presumptive client. We had been working hard with this during days, evenings and nights for over a week. I replied and in the other end was the Pediatric Heart unit at the hospital. It’s happening again.

I have known that Abbe is to have a second heart operation, since last time it happened, back in July 2005. And lately, I’ve even been aware it’s to happen fairly soon. There has been talk of October.

But now he has got an appointment for Monday. In a week’s time! They asked us to think about whether it would work with such short notice and get back during the day. It was not easy to focus on our presentation, I must admit, but – I managed.

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