25 September 2007

Kristallen – a bit late, but still.

How many of you watched the Kristallen gala a week ago? I only caught bits of it myself – this, the big office party of the TV world. I was flicking through the channels during the Idol breaks and by pure chance, I got to see Kristallen exactly when the Prize for the best documentary was being awarded.

At this stage, everybody knows it was "Another part of Köping" that took home that category (and later, also "Programme of the Year"). If you have followed the series, you know why. A fantastic series about four mates living in a group accommodation. Not a comedy making fun of disabled people, not a tearjerker either. Just a hell of a lot of love and joy, mixed with reality.

And if you have followed the series, you also know Micke loves doing his speeches. At every party and every do, he grabs the opportunity to say a few well chosen words. Micke has Down’s Syndrome and you can hardly understand what he says but it doesn’t matter. He wants to speak.

And all this ends up being so bloody good and very moving. The Köping gang wins a prize and it’s time for the acceptance speech. In front of the entire Swedish population (at least the ones who watch TV3) and the whole TV elite, an acceptance speech is about to be held. At prime time. This has to be the ultimate wet dream for Micke and naturally – he jumps at the opportunity. And it is the finest, most incomprehensible acceptance speech I have ever heard, finishing with a resounding "Öua, öua, öua, öua". I snivel again. And laugh.

I’ve looked everywhere for a clip of Micke’s speech, but can’t find any. If you have one, or know where to find one, please let me know. You will have to settle for Tobbe’s acceptance speech as they got the Second Prize. That’s also fantastic. Short, but good

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