13 April 2005

DIY cardex.

In hospital great care was put into keeping book of everything Abbe ate. On something called a cardex, notes were taken on (in addition to pulse, pox, temperature and other important things) every millilitre of food, whether taken by bottle or probe. And every nappie was weighed to see how much came out the other end. Like some sort of a nutritional balance account. I suppose it’s to know when extra resources are needed, drips and such.

When Abbe was released out last week he weighed 3875 grams. That is, 25 grams less than when he was born. Instead of having gained the half kilogram or so that would be normal during your first three weeks, he’s lost a little weight.

We’ve kept taking notes. Not the nappies, we don’t give a shit about them (haha). But we do keep record of how much he eats. Feeding times are still complicated and time consuming. One time runs into the other in a marathon-like blur and it’s hard to keep track of how much he actually eats. So I sat down at the computer and put together a cardex of our own. It might seem a on the edge, but I figure it's better to be safe than sorry.

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