6 April 2005


The oxygen-muzzle is gone. As is the probe. If you ignore (a contradiction in terms) the Von Rosen splint, Abbe almost looks like a normal baby now. Except for the huge scar across his chest, that is.

It’s nice to be rid of the probe. He can now be bottle-fed. It’s a hell of a struggle, though. Requires a lot of patience. 70-80 ml of mother’s milk will take between half an hour and an hour. By that time he’ll soon need to be fed again. But so be it. I desperately want him to learn. They’ve told us that heart-children often have feeding problems. So do DiGeorge-kids. Jackpot.

And. Like I said, no more muzzle. The small amount of oxygen he still needs is given to him through a funnel. As far as I understand, that’s what we’re waiting for now. For the oxygen-saturation level in his blood to rise. When it does, we’re going home.

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