26 April 2005

Return visit.

It’s now been almost two weeks since we left the safe haven of the hospital with help at the press of a button, for a life at home. With a half hour drive to hospital, at best. To my own huge surprise, the fear only lasted for a couple of days. It didn’t get any worse. We’re all right at home; we manage without all the great people at the 323-ward, even though I miss them at times.

Once a week we take Abbe to the orthopaedists to give him his bath. A nurse takes the splint off and leaves us in a room with a tiny bathtub and a few cloths. A quiet moment to ourselves with our baby, happily splashing around in the warm water. Naked. No splint, no nothing. Just Abbe. My favourite time of the week.

We’ve been for a few return visits at the heart clinic as well. Abbe’s not following the desired weight-curve. Big sigh. The oxygen saturation level is not improving either. Another big sigh.

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