3 April 2005

Feeling guilty.

I was hit by a strong feeling of guilt today. All over sudden I realised how many times I’d used words like mongoloid or retarded in an incorrect manner. “ This computer is f-ing retarded” on a slow laptop or “He’s a mongoloid” on a person you don’t like. God what a lousy fellow human being I’ve been.

Or, at least, what bad use of language. Because, ashamed as I might be right now of the way I’ve expressed myself at times, I’ve meant no harm by it. I mean I don’t dislike people who are mentally challenged or have Down’s syndrome. Just like I don’t dislike some of my best friends who are homosexuals. Even if I've made silly jokes on the subject at times …

Time to wisen up. Isn’t it weird though, what it takes for you to realise what a dumb-ass you’ve been?

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