8 April 2005

Stretching the limits.

It’s been three weeks since we got here. Three long weeks since we came stumbling in to room 3. What a roller coaster ride it’s been. News, chock, waiting, surgery, fear, calm, more news, chock, waiting, waiting and yet more waiting.

The surgeons had planned for Abbe to have a saturation-level of 80-85% after surgery. There have been several theories on why he’s not getting more than 70-75%. One is that his blood vessels might have “cramped” a bit after surgery. That they’ve not been used to the larger flow of blood that the correction brought on and responded by contracting somewhat. That sounds plausible to my layman ears. So they’ve been waiting for it to change.

Two weeks have passed and it still hasn’t. The saturation-meter (the pox) has been on constant alert. “Ah well, 70% will have to do”, said the doctors and lowered the alert-level on the meter.

– Well now it doesn’t beep, they said, you’re free to go home.

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