15 July 2005

Coffee and sticky chocolate cake

Abbe has come back from Intensive Care and it’s very quiet on the ward. I think there are two families here, part from ourselves. Ida from Sundsvall and Adam from Värmland (think it’s Karlstad). As we are in the midst of the holiday season, only emergency ops are allowed now. All planned operations will have to wait until after July, when Sweden has woken up again.

Actually, it’s quite nice. You get to talk more to the other parents and the staff. Not that I feel particularly stressed here, normally. Absolutely not. But still, there is a big difference. The staff are fighting about who gets to ‘borrow’ Abbe. "Maybe you want to go for a walk? I can look after him while you’re away".

Today, one of the nurses was making a cake in the parents’ kitchen. A lovely smell spread across the ward. Then she came along with a trolley, filled with coffee and newly made sticky chocolate cake and whipped cream. We all squeezed together in the play corner sofas and had a really good time, Ida’s and Adam’s parents, the staff and myself.

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