16 July 2005

Cow’s milk, no thanks.

I just remembered I forgot to mention one thing: Abbe is allergic to milk. We actually started to suspect this the first time he was admitted to hospital and now we know.

It all started with the lack of breast milk, at one occasion. Abbe’s mum was at home and had of course pumped out milk there, (using the pump we had borrowed from the maternity unit and kept at home), but our little stock in the hospital fridge was empty. So we mixed some infant formula milk, based on ordinary milk – and gave it to Abbe. After a while, he was vomiting like a calf.

Now, it’s not entirely unusual that babies vomit but our Abbe didn’t usually do that. And now, he was not that well. Since it’s not that easy to get enough nourishment into him the normal way, this was not particularly fun.

We tried a few times again later, with the same result. That’s when it was decided that in the future, he was to get a milk-free substitute when the breast milk wasn’t enough.

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