11 July 2005

Surgery number two.

Just washed before surgery.

At seven o'clock this the morning arrived at the hospital.We washed Abbe with Hibiscrub (antiseptic soap that is used before surgery) and knocked back a couple of cups of coffee. The surgery was scheduled first thing in the morning, and just after eight we left him again at the doors of the operating room.

And at this point, I have to revise some of what I wrote earlier. The part about one becoming hardened. It does not apply here. Not the moment your baby is rolled in to the surgery center. At the risk of repeating myself and being a bit dramatic - it's among the worst things you can experience. I dare to say that if there is a "terrible-experiences-as-parent-list" this easily gets a top ranking. It doesn't matter how prepared you are.

You're not so tough in the elevator down from the sixth floor.

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