10 July 2005

Soon time again.

The vacation in Denmark is over and the puzzling with babysitters for big brother starts. Since kindergarten is closed for the summer it all becomes a little bit extra complicated. The first days after the surgery we want to be at the hospital both of us, my wife and I. Later on we will have to take turns.

We checked in to ward 323 this morning. After a bunch of controls and the worst attemt to insert a needle on Abbe, we where finaly leaving the hospital for the night and come back for the surgery next morning. As a matter of facts Abbe never got any needle. They gave up after trying at least fifteen different places om his body. In the head, on his hands, arms and feet.

– We will have to anesthetize him with a mask instead tomorrow, they said. Samples before the operation they had to take capillary. In other words a little pricking in his finger and then squeeze out some drops. I am not looking forward to tomorrow.

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