10 July 2005


Our week in Denmark was fantastic. We had decided too relax, enjoy and have a nice time together. All four of us. We knew we had a tough time ahead of us, and that it might be quite a while until we would get another chance.

I promised myself to spoil Abbes brother as much as I could. He was going to get whatever he pointed at. He is really worth it after all he has had to cope with since he got his little brother. It was cheap. Some pails and shovels and an ice cream every now and then. I expect pledges like that to become more expensive in the future.

My wife and I agreed on not thinking about the coming surgery during this week. That, of course wasn't an easy task, but in some magic way we did it quite well. At one point we even managed to time both the boys to sleep in the buggy at the same time, so we could have a beer and a danish smørrebrød at a restaurant in the sun.

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