29 March 2005

Every-day-life at the 323.

This is becoming routine. After Abbe had left the 3-room we were given a room of our own, where one of us stays over night with Abbe. We take turns in staying here and at home. Abbe does have a brother, and he to needs us right now, probably more than ever. We’re more or less taking care of ourselves now; the staff comes in once every three hours, 24 hours a day, to run tests and make check-ups.

There’s a kitchen in the ward for parents. You keep food in plastic bins tagged with your child’s name in special parent fridges. There’s a jar where you put a Swedish crown for each cup of coffee you drink. When we’re out of coffee, we make some more, pour it into a thermos and put on a bit of tape stating the time at which the coffee was made. That’s about all there is to do around here to make time pass and keep your nerves in check. Drink or make coffee. Hence, the coffee here never gets a chance to become older than freshly made.

Anyway, it’s great to have an option to the poor excuse for food that is on offer in the cafeteria on the ground floor. We’d had enough of that after the first few days.
Today we cooked fresh pasta with pesto and sun dried tomatoes.

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