19 March 2005

Forget NYC Marathon.

We have now spoken with one of the cardiac surgeons. He explained Abbes heart defect to us again, and slowly I begin to understand a little. It was, of course, very long since I learned in school how the heart works, and in all honesty, I don't remember much of it. But I have this feeling that now, I will be more or less an expert with time. In any case, he told us objectively and precisely what they'll do during the operation, what can go wrong and what we don't have to worry about. I realize that they have done this many times before and that they know what they are talking about. Very convincing and reassuring.

On the question of how Abbe will cope, we got the answer: "He will be able to live the same kind of life as you and I do. He should perhaps not bet on winning New York City Marathon, but Abbe will be no disabled child, if that is what you mean" A kind of light in the tunnel, that is.

He also told us that they have taken a special blood test from Abbe. Apparently the heart defect of the type Abbe has, is common amongst children with a certain cromosome dissorder. So they wanted to take a test to rule out the possibility that he has the dissorder.

But why would he?

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