19 March 2005

Odd birds.

Abbe lays in dep 323 - childrens cardiolgy unit - but we live in M&C unit. One is located in Queen Silvias Childhospital and the other in the Gynecology house. In other words, in two different buildings. So when we eat, we take the lift down to the underworld and roll off to nieghbour building to go up with another lift there. And then the same procedure back. A bit cumbersome, but it works.

However, it feels very strange when we are on the M&C. There they are. All the mothers and fathers – alternatively, mothers and grandmothers, depending on which country you come from – with their small babies in those translucent plasic boxes. Everyone but us. We eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at M&C with red tearful eyes, but with no baby.

I can tell that they're all wondering.

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