18 March 2005

The neonatal fog.

From the neonatal unit I honestly don't remember much. I cannot say how long we were there. Could have been four hours, but just as well thirty minutes. I tried to comfort but without understanding what happened, why we suddenly found ourselves in a chaos. They made a heap of tests. Lung X-ray, blood pressure and a whole series of blood tests, to rule out the possibility that the low oxygen saturation was caused by an infection. By this time Abbe got oxygen continuously. He also had a needle in one of his veins on his head where he received prostaglandin. It is possible that they explained why, but I cannot remember understanding any of it just then.

– We have excluded this and this (can not remember what they said) and now only remains to check the heart, so he has to go to Queen Silvia’s Children's Hospital in Gothenburg. There's already an ambulance ready and waiting for him downstairs, and "nurse so and so" will go with him, so you don't need to be worried.
- Eh ... all right, I stuttered and we saw the little bed roll out of the room surrounded by staff.

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