19 March 2005

Pulmonalis Atresia with VSD.

I didn't sleep many hours last night. They had squeezed in one of them extra bed for $40 from IKEA in the room intended for the mother and child. Nothing against those beds, but this one had been hosting a few thousand new fathers, so the foam rubber had long since lost its springyness. Well, whatever. It hadn't mattered if they gave me a brand new super bed. I hadn't slept anyway. Several hundred undergroud corridoor meters away, lay our little baby boy, connected to all kinds of technology to monitor that he remained alive. And here were we. "Try to sleep a little now, you need it," said the midwife. Well, thank you.

Last night, after what is felt like an eternity since that cardiologist had given us the implausible judgement, someone finally came and told us what they found during the examination. A cardiologist told us that Abbes heart was deformed and that his defect was called Pulmonalis Atresia with VSD. That is, the lung artery is blocked and there is a hole between the chambers. She showed a drawing how a normal heart looks and how it has become in Abbe. But I think they'll have to tell me all about it quite a few more times before it goes into my head.

I listened very carefully, but I heard nothing.

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