17 October 2007

A little book.

It makes me so happy. Really warm-in-my-tummy-happy. Actually even a bit tear-in-my-eye-happy.

My wife was at a parents’ meeting at pre-school last night. It was general info about what they do during the days, what to think about when the children are ill and so on. But after the meeting, one of the teachers asked if she could have a word with my wife.

Since Abbe started pre-school quite recently and has just started to get used to it, there is a risk we will have to do it all over again, after the operation. I mean, he will be away for a while now and might forget.

That’s why they are going to make a little book, with photos of the school, staff and all the children in Abbe’s group. A little book to read at the hospital, to remember. Isn’t that lovely?

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