1 October 2007

Ammi ey-oy!

I was at my sis’ place yesterday. Not the pediatric doctor, I have another sister. I told her that Abbe’s big brother has become all Gameboy-addict and that Abbe tries to grab hold of big brothers game as soon as he tries to play.

"Wait a bit" said my sister, and ran away to get something. It turned out that Abbe’s cousins who are a few years older than my boys had recently updated their game consoles to the latest version and therefore weren’t using the old ones any longer. I say old, but compared to my 90s kit which has become so popular with Abbe and his brother, these are that not old. No, these are from the 2000s.

–Here you go. You can keep them, my sister said.

The Art of making a four-year-old happy. And a two-year-old. Abbe switches on the game, pushes all the buttons and laughs happily at the little tune you hear. He hasn’t got a clue what he’s doing, that you’re supposed to do something with the game. But that doesn’t matter.

It’s Abbe’s own ey-oy.

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