30 October 2007

A minor blood bath.

Abbe was having great fun with one of the nurses. They were standing on either side of the aquarium, making kisses on the glass. I took the opportunity to grab a cup of tea and a sandwich. Cosy.

Suddenly, with no warning, Abbe started to bleed from his nose. And now weäre talking nose bleed big time. In just a minute or so, there was blood everywhere. ON the floor, serviettes, compresses, me and the nurses who had come to help out. Bloody weird.

Another wave came in bed, as he was putting on his pyjamas top and the little compress which had been stuck up his nose – under protest – fell out. The same heavy flow again and this time, the doctor on duty was called upon. I was on my knees in the bed, with Abbe’s head on my lap, my hand on his nose and the bloody tissues. After quite some time, the bleeding stopped.

By then both my legs and Abbe were asleep.

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