24 October 2007

A tired little lad.

Abbe is still asleep. He has been asleep for more than 37 hours now, if you don’t count the short awakenings during the day. He has opened one, sometimes two eyes, whimpered with a little sorry, hoarse voice, tried to remove a tube or wire, and then gone back to sleep.

Occasionally, he has tried to turn around, change position or even sit up. Mum, dad and the intensive care nurses have been busy calming Abbe down, so he goes back to sleep and also sorting out what can only be described as a makramé of catheters, drains, pacemaker wires and other things which Abbe is connected to.

Hopefully, he will sleep until early tomorrow morning. He might just as well stay asleep now, in the beginning of all this – it would only be tough for him to be awake.

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