24 October 2007

Drugs are crap. Dormicum is gold.

I’m a drug conservative. Ok, I gladly enjoy a glass of wine or a good beer at times. So conservative is maybe not the right word. But I am very sceptical towards other drugs, especially narcotics.

But how would you cope in the health care without drugs? Drugs, which on the street would be classified as narcotics? Maybe it would work, but I’m not inclined to test it. In medicine, they are a necessity. The drugs. The narcotics.

My – or rather Abbe’s – favourite drug right now is called Dormicum. Also called Midazolam. Or ‘fairground medicine’, as the staff tell the children. ‘Fairground’ – because you get dizzy and giggly. Without it, things would be a lot tougher.

On Monday, when Abbe didn’t want to know about all the examinations and restraints, one procedure after the other was being postponed. Under the influence of exactly that – Dormicum. When Abbe was completely hysterical by the end of the day he got a dose which would take him through the last, postponed procedures. Scans, ECG and needle insertions were to be dealt within the ten minutes the dose lasted.

He screamed, kicked and went crazy. Dormicum was injected on his bum, and everything calmed down. Suddenly, the tiny blue electrodes – which he had hated a moment ago – were quite nice. Or rather quite funny. He giggled hysterically at each electrode they stuck to his little body. So incredibly lovely.

Moreover, according to medical staff, children forget what they have experienced during the time they are under influence. And that, to me, is the main gain. I don’t want to add to Abbe’s stock of painful hospital experiences. He has so many yet to come.

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