28 October 2007

This social network thing.

I’ve touched on this subject before, I know. But I can’t help bringing it up again. I’m so glad we live close to Gothenburg!

I really feel for those who come from other places in Sweden, forced to bring their whole family here during the hospital time. Siblings who have to be away from school for weeks, maybe pets who need to be looked after. And on top of that, having to stay in a small hotel room with the entire family, unless you’re lucky enough to end up at Ronald McDonald’s, of course. Or just imagine being single, with several children?

But whether you come from far afield or live down the road, I realise now how important the social network is. What on earth would we have done, had it not been for our grandparents, aunties, friends, neighbours and supportive daycare school staff? I honestly don’t know.

Big brother gets picked up and driven to his daycare school and the hospital, gets taken care of and spoilt. And yesterday, as I returned home to take over from the babysitter of the day, there was a bag hanging on our door handle. It was from our neighbours and contained presents and drawings for Abbe and the best cardamom cake in the world, for the rest of us. In a heart-shaped baking tin.

Sometimes, I feel so fortunate.

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