29 October 2007

How hard can it be?

You have to excuse me but now I have to moan a bit. Sound a bit like the angry old biddy who keeps putting up notes in the communal laundry room – all beginning with "for everyone’s comfort" and ending with "friend of good order". Well, you’ve seen them before. Maybe you’ve even put a note up yourself. In the laundry room, the communal kitchen in the student digs or the coffee corner at work. As for me, I don’t put up any notes. I sulk via the internet instead

Look at the three photos here above. They are all from the little kitchenette where us family members can make ourselves a coffee or a bite to eat, in order to lighten up hospital life a bit. The first note was probably placed there by hospital staff. A few, very simple rules, presented in a pleasant way.

I assume the second note has been put up by a parent. Someone who is fed up with things not working. A laundry room biddy.

The third photo, well you can see for yourself.

I have now been doing other people’s dishes, cleaned up the play corner after other people’s children and collected the ward’s own coffe mugs, with the Children’s Heart Foundation’s logo on them, from the ground floor cafeteria. I guess someone has brought coffee downstairs, when the cafeteria was closed for the weekend and then hasn’t bothered to bring it back again. A litre of milk which we bought for our coffees have miraculously disappeared after us having coffee, just twice. This, in spite of ‘Abbe’ written with a felt pen all over the milk package. And in spite of us having closed it with cellotape, just in case.

I completely understand if someone is chocked and feel exhausted and find it hard to cope. That’s how you feel when you stay here. But the point is, we all feel like that. It’s the fact that people help each other that makes this place so very good.

There, that’s my shouting done for today.

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